Saturn Square Uranus: A Collective Reading

Today marks the first of 3 squares Saturn in Aquarius will make with Uranus in Taurus, some of the most significant astrology of 2021. Saturn is the planet of structure, tradition, and responsibility. Uranus is the planet of chaos, the future and revolution. When the two square off tensions run high and power struggles abound.  

Saturn’s austere and controlled demeanor finds itself right at home in the abstract sign of Aquarius (it is after all the traditional ruling planet for the sign). When the Traditional Taskmaster meets the Progressive Reformer, we get the Liberal Centrist aka the Old Guard, wearing a BLM t-shirt, while continuing to fund the police. We see leaders with grand visions (Aquarius) relying on the existing infrastructure, systems and power structures (Saturn) to bring their dreams into fruition. We get the Jeff Bezos (who has his Saturn in Aquarius) and Elon Musks of the world ushering us into the(ir) future, but the future remains extractive, exploitive and capitalistic. With Saturn in Aquarius our collective hive mind can produce rigid thinking that sees only in shades of black and white; apocalyptic “either or” thinking (aka collective suicidal ideation) that actually inhibits the Innovator’s ability to think outside the box.   

Uranus’s eccentric and erratic presence creates waves in the rooted fixed Earth sign of Taurus. When the Great Awakener meets the Resourceful Builder, our foundations shift; we see the New Guard ushering in a New Earth. We witness radical changes (Uranus) at the root level (Taurus Fixed Earth). We revolutionize our relationship to the Earth and its resources, moving away from extractive capitalist consumer economies into sustainable life enriching networks of collective care. With Uranus in Taurus from 2019-2025, we’ve already seen the lightening bearer bring about many swift changes to our relationship to resources and Earth. From unemployment rates surging, despite profits reaching astronomical heights, to the climate catastrophes of California wildfires and Texas winter storms, the Great Awakener has illuminated the cracks in our foundations. With oil giant Shell recently admitting its carbon emissions and oil production have peaked, we are offered a glimpse of a promising new world. A world that can come quick enough, with Uranus’s lightning speed backing it.   

It makes sense that as these two energies square in the sky the CEO’s of Robinhood and Reddit gear up to testify before Congress, after regular citizens caused a major economic disruption on wall street (Uranus in Taurus), that Robinhood, an app meant to be for everyday investors, immediately tried to squash (Saturn in Aquarius). The consequences of such a hearing will give us a glimpse of how the next two Saturn/Uranus squares (June 15 and Dec 24) could take shape for us collectively. Will this be yet another moment of “business as usual” (Saturn Aquarius)? Or will the little guy finally gain some ground (Uranus in Taurus)?

However the chips may fall, the Saturn/Uranus square reminds us that the road to our collective liberation is one that spans millennia. A road with countless moments such as these, and many more yet to come. May we move through this portal gleaning its wisdom in the process, carrying it forward to yet another pivotal juncture. In their highest iterations Saturn in Aquarius drops their rigid visions, asking us to be responsible to all of humanity, to our future; Uranus in Taurus asks us to revolutionize our connection to body and earth, to “be here now”. From this perspective the tension of the Saturn/Uranus square is productive, more in alignment than at first glance. Saturn in Aquarius asks us to slow down our thinking, while Uranus in Taurus asks us to embody the revolution. Together they quite literally ask us to put our money where our mouth is, being the change we wish to see. Saturn in Aquarius reminds us that our work is cosmic, while Uranus in Taurus reminds us that the revolution must be beautiful. Together they remind us our future starts here and now, that the New Earth is built through small consistent acts of joy, presence and love.  

To understand how this cosmic energy will affect you personally look to Aquarius and Taurus within your natal chart to find out where “be the change”, and power plays might be playing out in your day to day. Or feel free to book in for a reading ❤

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