New Moon in Aquarius

We arrive at the Aquarius New Moon already quite attuned with the signs energetic signature, as the Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, and now the Moon are all immersed in the wisdom of the Water Bearer. As we reach Aquarius season our days slowly but surely are getting longer, as winter’s darkness begins to break. The bulk of the dying season is behind us, and we are reminded of the sweet tastes of life. The waxing light touches our awareness, as it does the barren trees, illuminating both our internal and external landscapes. We can see further and with more clarity than we’ve been able to for some time, as we integrate the experiences and lessons of our time spent in hibernation. The Visionary of the Zodiac Aquarius is our “Ah Ha” moment. The moment when we finally understand how the weathered footprints of our past brought us here, to our present, and from this place we see the path forward. We emerge from our wintery slumber to gather around the fire and pour fourth the waters of our newfound wisdom, for we know the path forward is not meant to be walked alone. After all, despite the growing light, Winter’s severity still lingers, while our firewood and stamina dwindle. Aquarius knows we are far more likely to weather the storms ahead when we pool our resources and work together. We don’t get through this alone, nor do we get to where we are going alone. Songs of freedom ring as we collectively leap into uncharted territory determined to co-create a future that is truly our own.

And yet, a word of caution: We all know you can have too much of a good thing. With this many planets transiting Aquarius the air can be ripe with futility. As Fixed Air Aquarius truly is the “know it all” of the Zodiac. Known for their most brilliant mind, Aquarius is unparalleled when it comes to intellect and innovation. However, their “fixed” nature and superior intellect leaves them vulnerable to tunnel vision and rigid beliefs; frozen air trapped within the confines of the vision. The embodiment of true objectivity, Aquarius possesses a superhuman ability to rise above their lower instincts and human emotions, sacrificing the Self for the greater good, and expects others to do the same. With this much Aquarian energy circulating we run the risk of justifying our end goals at all costs. The Visionary can see so far ahead precisely because of their ability override the “lesser” instincts and emotions of humanity, which pull us back into the here and now. It is easy to be an idealist when skipping over fear, pain and grief. Aquarius evolves when they recognize instincts and emotions as valuable information and allow them to inform their visions. When they learn to see the fear of their comrades not as something to be overcome, but as an invitation to pause and cultivate deeper trust. When they recognize exhaustion means their movements are unsustainable and receive the invitation to slow down. While vision and determination can be excellent driving forces, they are not enough to bring about the lasting changes Aquarius longs for. How many get left behind, written out of our future history, when we deny what makes us human?

Under today’s lunation we might feel as though we’ve been taking two steps forward and one step back when it comes to our visions. Just over a month into the “New Year” our intentions may be feeling more and more like burdens, especially if we’ve been neglecting our physical and emotional needs in the process. Along with an overdose of Aquarian energy, the Aquarius New Moon is currently squaring Mars (our drive and force) in Taurus (body and resources) reality checking our visions. Our stamina may be depleted, as our will to see our visions through pales. Our physical vessels are vulnerable to exhaustion, especially if we’ve been bypassing the messages of our bodies. Everything may be costing more than we thought, and we may not have the physical resources needed to push our movements forward at our desired speed. Our overly idealistic visions (Fixed Air) are squaring reality (Fixed Earth) and we are realizing we may have bitten off more than we can chew. A pause calls out to us under this dark moon, inviting us to take some much-needed breathing space. A moment to retreat and reflect on where we are going and how to get there. A moment to ask: What is the information have I been neglecting? How can I adapt my visions to what is available here and now? Where are my personal ambitions (Mars Taurus) and collective actions (Aquarius) out of alignment? What safety and security (Taurus) can you relinquish for the betterment of all (Aquarius)? And yet, we are asked to answer these questions, not just with logic, but with All parts of Self; we are being called to converse with body, mind, heart and soul.

Luckily, with Jupiter currently conjunct Venus in Aquarius, we are offered the perfect channel to do exactly that. A true celestial blessing, our hearts feel expansive and love palpable beneath this new moon. The perfect antidote to the heady know it all ness of the Aquarius stellium. A reminder that our visions and movements must be infused with the love and wisdom of our hearts. For when our minds and bodies grow weary it is our heart that will carry us through to see another day. We become a true idealist when we feel our fear, pain and grief, and continue to believe in possibility. For me, the highest expression this new moon is best reflected by the energy of Radical Activist Angela Davis. With both her Sun in Moon in Aquarius Angela has fought for racial justice and world without prisons for over 50 years. She still fights to this day, never ceding her vision, a vision rooted in the heart. This is Aquarius in it’s highest vibration. May we hold her words closely on this Aquarius New Moon, and May our visions be rooted in the wisdom of our hearts. “Sometimes we have to do the work even though we don’t yet see a glimmer on the horizon that it is actually going to be possible” – Angela Davis.

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