Combined Astrology + Tarot Readings:

Sun/Moon/Rising: $25.00- $45.00 *

An introduction into the foundational pieces of you. An in depth reading and explanation of your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Rising Sign, along with any significant connections they may make to other planets within your natal birth chart. Included: explanation and exploration of your sun, moon and rising signs, a channeled Tarot Messages from each, and a recording of the reading for your reference and continued growth.

Complete Birth Chart Reading: $80 – $120*

In this comprehensive 90 minute reading, we will discuss all planets and major aspects of your unique Birth Chart. Through engaging dialogue, intuitive guidance and curiosity, we will unpack the planetary energies of your chart, learning how to work with them for healing and evolution. Reading includes: a deep dive into your natal Sun, Moon, Rising, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron signs; thorough explanations of any significant aspects between planets; and channeled Tarot Messages from each of your major planets. You will also receive a recording of the reading for your reference and continued growth.

*Note that all services offer a sliding scale option. If experiencing financial hardship please opt for the lower end of the sliding scale. If you are feeling abundant kindly opt for the higher end of the sliding scale. Additionally, payment plans are available for people in need of additional support. Kindly reach out via contact page for additional information.

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