Mars in Gemini: Decolonize

Today Mars enters the buzzing inquisitive sign of Gemini and will be here to stay until April 23rd. When the driven Warrior meets the playful Twins we are asked to get curious about the ways we move, act and do. The Twins know there is never one, or even two, right ways to do anything, but entire multitudes of possibility. With Mars in Gemini, we are invited to experiment with our passions, and explore our desires in new and spirited ways. This energy feels like springtime and will be a lovely compliment to the Sun moving into Aires on March 20th, initiating us into both the new astrological year and the spring season. There is often a pull to hit the ground running come spring; to start cleaning, planting, and doing. Winter is finally over, and we better make the most of it. Mars in Gemini lovingly reminds we must enjoy the process. The colonizing tactic of a joyless ambition creates nothing worth saving.

As Mars transits the Mutable Air of Gemini it will be joining the North Node, with the two forming a complete conjunction on March 26th. The nodal axis is currently in Sagittarius/Gemini and will remain this way throughout 2021. The South Node (SN) is a point in the sky that represents that which we are collectively moving away from, what we are shedding and releasing. With the South Node in Sag, we are being asked to move away from the centralized leadership, hierarchies of power, and colonization of the Guru, Master, PhD and Pioneer. The North Node (NN) is a point in the sky that represents what we are moving towards and meant to embrace. With the North Node in Gemini, we are being asked to move towards the decentralized leadership, nonhierarchical power, and decolonization of the Trickster, Shapeshifter, Non-Binary, Cross Pollinating Butterfly. Since the nodes entered the Sag/Gemini axis on May 5th, we’ve witnessed this energy in multitudes of expressions, from the massive uprisings in support of BLM, Abolition and Decolonize movements, all of which operate on models of decentralized leadership, to a surge in mutual aid and collective care networks to get us through the pandemic and climate catastrophes; our Gemini NN has continually reminded us that “We Take Care of Us” (and that the centralized power of the state never will). As Mars joins the NN may these movements be reinvigorated with a surge of fresh energy and passion. Now is the perfect time to help your neighbor, organize, donate, and join movement spaces. Is your passion and commitment to our collective liberation as strong as it was last summer? Has your fight for justice ceased since the results of the presidential election? Police violence, systemic racism and oppressive systems of power remain the same, how can you reignite your efforts?  

But before hitting the ground running, may you receive the invitation to pause. May you receive the reminder for slow deep breaths. When Fire meets Mutable Air, a single flame can quickly become a raging inferno. We are at high risk for overextending, overdoing and burnout as Mars enters Gemini, especially once the Sun enters Aires this spring. Be sure to check in with where you are at constantly. What is realistic? What is sustainable? Our movement spaces are only as healthy as we are. Pace yourself. Breathe. Remember your prayer. And don’t forget… to enjoy the process.

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