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Aquarius New Moon: The Hierophant

Good morning Astro Babes! And a magical New Moon in Aquarius to you. I know I had said I’d get the Aquarius collective reading out during our first week of Aquarius season, but alas I’m still learning how to juggle new full-time work, readings, life, mental health and writing love letters to the stars. So…

Capricorn New Moon: The 10,000 Year Plan

Good Morning Astro Babes! And the happiest of New Year’s to each of you! I hope you’ve found moments of rest, peace, joy, and laughter as the holiday season comes to a close. I myself have been resting, musing, dreaming and preparing during the last few weeks of 2021. I’ve been allowing gratitude and appreciation…

New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Decentralized Power & Multiple Truths

This Friday December 3rd at 11:42 PM (PST), we arrive not only at the New Moon in Sagittarius, but also a total solar eclipse. This will not only be our final eclipse of the eclipse season, but also our final eclipse of the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis. Moving forward the Nodes of Fate will shift, and…

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