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Aries New Moon: Trust Your Instincts

Tonight at 7:31 PM PST, we arrive at the Aries New Moon. Energetic and open Aries energy is the divine spark of creation; the life force that awakens the cherry blossoms bloom, the life force that inspires us to move, act and do. We arrive at the Aries New Moon ready for change, or at least ready to accept that change has come, even if we feel ill equipped to meet it.

Pisces New Moon: Swamp Scrying

On this Pisces New Moon, we are invited to wade through the waters of our own internal wetlands. The wetlands remind us we needn’t fear stagnation, that certain processes, such as grief and goodbyes, are meant to be slow, meandering and nonlinear.

Mars in Gemini: Decolonize

Today Mars enters the buzzing inquisitive sign of Gemini and will be here to stay until April 23rd. When the driven Warrior meets the playful Twins we are asked to get curious about the ways we move, act and do. The Twins know there is never one, or even two, right ways to do anything, but entire multitudes of possibility. Mars in Gemini lovingly reminds we must enjoy the process. The colonizing tactic of a joyless ambition creates nothing worth saving.

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