“Magic is understanding the intersections between things, the places where energy naturally aligns, and then harnessing this power with specific intention. For far too long have the ‘Powers that think they Be’ utilized this knowing for profit and dominance, while disconnecting us from our own Magic. It is time we Reclaim Magic as our birthright, wielding it for our healing and evolution.”

Andrea Hernandez

Andrea Hernandez is an Archetypal Astrologist, Tarot Reader, Direct Frontline Social Service Provider, and Activist living and working on occupied Winnemen Wintu Land, also known as Mount Shasta CA. Andrea has studied the traditions of Astrology and Tarot since adolescence, and has spent the last 7 years providing Direct Frontline Social Services to folks from all walks of life. Andrea holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of British Columbia.

Throughout her career Andrea has worked for a variety of grassroots orgs and non-profits in both the US and Canada. Through strengths-based, trauma informed, non-judgmental care Andrea has supported countless individuals with their self-identified needs. She has had the honor of accompanying people through the many transitions of their lives, and advocating for their rights while navigating the complex layers of systemic oppression. Andrea has been trained in Trauma Informed Care, Crisis Intervention, De-escalation, Mediation & Conflict Resolution skills.

As a Gemini Sun, Andrea holds a profound love of the connections between things; of how things come together. Whether the space where two bodies of water meet, the layers of interpretation within each Tarot Spread, or connecting the dots between a person’s natal chart and their life story, Andrea understands the sum is so much more than its parts. It is this love of relationships, in all of their forms, that drew Andrea to Astrology & Tarot and inspired her to combine the two modalities. In her practice Andrea offers comprehensive Astrology + Tarot readings, where clients explore the full spectrum of their Natal Chart and receive Tarot Messages channeled from each of their major Planets. This extra layer of insight creates the space for a more comprehensive picture to emerge, as deeper connections are made. The effect is nothing short of profound.

In her practice Andrea combines her wisdom of Astrology and Tarot, and passion for Social Justice. She studies Astrology and Tarot through a decolonial lens and sees it as a tool for individual empowerment and collective liberation. In her practice she aims to create the space for people to reclaim wholeness. The space to weave together the parts of Self fragmented by the trauma and conditioning of systems of oppression. The space to reclaim Magic and write a new story.

Ultimately Andrea sees her work as that of a Doula, as defined by Radical Witch Activist Adrienne Maree Brown: “Standing or sitting with someone as they realize, remember their own wholeness – that is the work of a doula”. Through both her work in Frontline Social Services, and her Astrology & Tarot Practice, Andrea holds compassionate space as people remember and reclaim wholeness.

To follow Andrea’s Astrological & Tarot forecasts, tips, and musings follow her on Instagram @radical.reclamation.

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