Aquarius New Moon: The Hierophant

Good morning Astro Babes! And a magical New Moon in Aquarius to you. I know I had said I’d get the Aquarius collective reading out during our first week of Aquarius season, but alas I’m still learning how to juggle new full-time work, readings, life, mental health and writing love letters to the stars. So I’m trusting that this message wanted some time to ripen, and to be shared and received beneath the darkness of the Aquarius New Moon. And. So. It. Is.

Welcome Aquarius New Moon! As the “fixed Air” of the Zodiac, Aquarius embodies the acts of existence that seemingly defy the limits of reality itself. Aquarius is the impossible (I mean how in the hell can you contain the wind rattling the leaves?). The concepts, ideas, and feats of nature so brilliant they seem alien or otherworldly. Our “fixed Air” atmosphere, keeping us alive, as we cosmically hurl through spaces non-air vacuum at 1700km/hr (like seriously wtf?). The Universe between our ears; the billions of neurons and trillions of synapses of the human brain (Fixed Air) that firing together illuminate and color our reality. The frozen dense air that fills our lungs in the North this time of year, and the miracle that our hairless bipedal Ancestors could even survive the heaviness of subzero temperatures and polar winds. Meeting us at the peak of winter, Aquarius reminds us that we don’t achieve the impossible alone. That it takes all our hands tending fire to make it through the dead of winter. That it takes all our hearts singing and dreaming on the coldest nights to make it through to spring. Ruled by both Saturn and Uranus, Aquarius reminds us our future is secured by equal parts doing and dreaming. Below is a Tarot message channeled for the collective beneath the darkness of the Aquarius New Moon. A card to hold close as we embody the radical wisdom of the Water Bearer.

The Hierophant

Sometimes the most radical thing we can do is to get back to the basics. To the fundamentals. To our core. To our essence. To our reason for being here. To Spirit. May the Hierophant remind us how.

With the Sun and Moon in Aquarius we might believe we can “think” our way back to ourselves and our reason for being here. Afterall, as the know-it-all of the Zodiac Aquarius’s wisdom is unparalleled. However, the Hierophant reminds us that “knowing” isn’t all books, brains, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Beneath the New Moon we need a different kind of knowing. A deeper kind of knowing. Equal parts brain, body, heart, and spirit.

The Hierophant is the mediator that brings this new Knowing into being. Traditionally the Hierophant was our connection to Spirit World. Knowing the language of both mortals and the Gods, he was our translator between the egoic and divine. The bridge between our head and our heart.

In our modern, colonized, industrial world we’ve lost our mediator to the Divine. We’ve severed our connection to Spirit. And not because so many of us have renounced the male bodied persons going by the name of pope, priest, or father. Nor because we’ve abandoned the language of saints and sinners, heaven and hell  (thank God). But because we’ve lost the language of the bees, trees, and sedges. The songs of the stars, comets, and spheres. The prose of the wind, rain, and snow. We’ve separated ourselves from the dance of existence. Living only in our heads when we have a body, heart, and soul. May we relearn the language of the Divine beneath this Aquarius New Moon as we stare up at the dark winter sky. May we breathe life back into this often spiritually devoid world. May we be reminded that we are our own best mediator and channel between us and the Gods and Ancestors. That the Divine lightning bolt of epiphany and conscious awareness, intermediary between us and the Spirit world, has always lived within us. Alive as new neural networks fire in unison and synapses fuse and breakthroughs happen. We can’t describe from where or how or why things suddenly make sense, not with our minds at least. But we know it comes from somewhere, beyond us, yet us. A place accessible in those rare moments when our minds, bodies, heart and Spirit align. This is the Hierophant.

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