Capricorn New Moon: The 10,000 Year Plan

Good Morning Astro Babes! And the happiest of New Year’s to each of you! I hope you’ve found moments of rest, peace, joy, and laughter as the holiday season comes to a close. I myself have been resting, musing, dreaming and preparing during the last few weeks of 2021. I’ve been allowing gratitude and appreciation to guide me, rather than the stars, shifting into being vs. doing. I have a lot of change on the horizon in 2022. This past Sag season my inner archer was honored when a long time aim and dream of mine actualized, allowing me to say yes to a new position in End-of-Life Care. While I will continue to be active in this space, and remain available for readings, posts will happen less around the schedules of the stars, and more around the stirrings of my heart. I thank each of you for being here with me as I grow and evolve. To all those I’ve had the honor of working with this past year I thank you. Now for your New Year astrological forecast.

Capricorn New Moon

This year the start of our new year feels like the New Year, with the Capricorn New Moon greeting us in all its dark glory. The New Moon meets us on January 2nd to be exact, but we can continue to work with this potent energy days after the exact New Moon. I personally like to do my rituals and spells work a day or so after the New Moon, so I can be present with what is and what shows up beneath the New Moon and plan my rituals accordingly.

New Moons are a time of inspiration, birthing, and new beginnings. Meeting us at the beginning of the Moon cycle, they are a great time to set any new intentions for the month (moon cycle) ahead, or in this case for the year ahead. Being met by darkness, as our calendars change, the Capricorn New Moon offers us the perfect container to get quiet, plan and dream.

As the cardinal earth of the Zodiac Capricorn is the source of Earth herself. Our collective embryo and most ancient Ancestor. The fissures, volcanoes, and tectonic plates of our Earth’s Crust, whose slow and gradual movements reshape our planet. The dynamism and plasticity of our Earth’s Mantle, its molten lava undercurrents birthing new worlds across millennia. The extreme heat, pressure and density of our Earth’s Core, whose growth is so slow it takes nearly 1 billion years to see a miniscule change in size. Ruled by Saturn Capricorn is the bedrock, the bones and structure of our very existence. Initiating us into winter Capricorn reminds us of the need to move slowly, methodically, and sustainably. That we must conserve both our energy and reserves if we are to make it through the long and cold winter ahead. Below is a Tarot message channeled for the collective beneath this Capricorn New Moon. A card to guide us as we map out, plan, and structure our goals and intentions for the year ahead.

10 of Pentacles

What if all you had was actually enough? What if where you were was good enough? What if there didn’t need to be a new year, new life, new you? If this moment was all you’d ever have, could it be enough? This year as we map out our goals, resolutions, and intentions, may we do so from this space of Enough.

At the beginning of a New Year, beneath the Capricorn New Moon the 10 of Pentacles invites us to slow down to Earth Speed… the speed of Enough. When we move at Earth speed, we begin to move so slowly we appear to be standing still. We shift into being rather than doing. We open our eyes and remember in simply being what we are, we are perfect. Just like the forest floor, coral reefs and setting sun, our hearts, lungs, and nervous systems as they are naturally work in divine balance and perfection. That it’s the constant striving, pushing and “not enoughness” of capitalistic linear growth and supremacy monocultures that create illness, pain and dis-ease. Our exhausted, inflamed, and burned-out nervous systems painfully remind us of this each day. Our flooding, freezing, and burning Earth systems painfully remind us of this each day.

This year, the 10 of Pentacles asks us to not only think about our 1-year, 5-year and 10-year plans. Afterall, what good is that new house, new job, that ring, those kids, those grandkids, when we don’t have the bee’s, tree’s, clean air and thriving communities share it with? This year as we set our intentions, may we slow down to Earth speed. May we play the long… long long long long long game… mapping out our 50, 100, and 10000 year plans. We won’t be here forever. How do you want to feel when its your time to say goodbye? How do you want to spend your remaining blink of an eye? What seeds do you want to plant and leave behind for future generations? What ways beyond yourself can you change and shape your world this year? Beneath this Capricorn New Moon May we ditch the mindless striving and not good enough. May we commit to a year of enough, of intention and living our values.

And. So. It. Is.

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