New Moon in Sagittarius Solar Eclipse: Decentralized Power & Multiple Truths

This Friday December 3rd at 11:42 PM (PST), we arrive not only at the New Moon in Sagittarius, but also a total solar eclipse. This will not only be our final eclipse of the eclipse season, but also our final eclipse of the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis. Moving forward the Nodes of Fate will shift, and our eclipses over the next 18 months (approx.) will fall within the Taurus/Scorpio axis.

Beginning June 5th 2020, with our first Eclipse in Sag, the Nodes of Fate shifted into Sagittarius/Gemini. Over the last 18 months Sagittarius has held our South Node point, that which we are collectively releasing. Encouraging us to move away from the hierarchies of power, single unifying truths, centralized leadership, and the colonization of the Guru, Master, Pioneer, and PHD. Gemini has held our North Node point, that which we are embracing. Encouraging us to move towards models of nonhierarchical power, multiple truths, decentralized leadership, and the decolonization of the Trickster, Shapeshifter, Non-Binary Twins.

The wisdom of the Sagittarius/Gemini Nodes of Fate has not come easy. This transit saw us through the majority of an ongoing global pandemic. Unfathomable amounts of death, grief and loss, restrictions on our movement, closed borders and vast polarization. We’ve witnessed how global capitalist hierarchies of power fail to keep us safe. How the lack of a global effort to make vaccines free and accessible to all (Gemini), with the poorest countries receiving less than 1% of the global supply, has prolonged the pandemic and lead to countless lives lost, as the virus has time to mutate into new strains. We’ve seen how uncompromising beliefs and single unifying truths (Sag) have led to noxious levels of polarization in response to the pandemic, vaccines and their mandates, and how this polarization prevents us from moving forward in any helpful or meaningful way. May we remember, embrace and align with the multi-truth complexity of our Gemini North Node. May we awaken to the rich technicolor dream we are all a part of, moving beyond shades of black and white.

We’ve witnessed the largest movement and protests in US history, in response to ongoing police brutality and the continued atrocities and genocide of the colonial empire. We’ve tasted possibilities that even a year prior did not seem possible, as we watched abolition and decolonization movements grow in size and power, defunding police and the barbaric relics of Empires topple around the globe. And while there is still a long ass road ahead, we’ve witnessed the power of non-hierarchical, decentralized and decolonized leadership within organizing (Gemini). That when 26 million people act within their sphere of influence, we make gains (albeit small) that move us one step closer to our collective liberation. The Sag/Gemini axis has intimately taught us the power of “Think globally (Sag), and act locally (Gemini)”.

Over the last 18 months our Gemini North Node has asked all of us to recognize our own inner complexity. To get to know our younger, present, higher and shadow selves, recognizing each as true. Beneath the New Moon Solar Eclipse, is the perfect time to invite all parts of you to the table. To pause and reflect on your own evolution over the last 18 months.

Allow each of them to reflect back to where you were at the beginning of this cycle, in June 2020. What has shifted since then? How have you grown and evolved? What have you released? Applaud yourself for your progress.

Allow each of them to reflect back to where you are now. What still needs tending, love and nourishment? Where can you redirect your arrow this Sag Season? What will you be shooting for in the year ahead?

Finally, how are these different parts of you organized within your being? Are their hierarchies of power? Is there a single centralized leader feeding you outdated single unifying beliefs about yourself? About your world? How might you encourage them to take a step back and rest at long last? How might you decentralize power moving forward? Can you learn to value, love and trust all parts of yourself?

May we remember that the work begins with us beneath this Sag New Moon Solar Eclipse. May we bid farewell to our nonhierarchical Gemini North Node in love and gratitude for its wisdom and our lessons learned. May we decolonize ourselves to decolonize our world. As above So below.

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