Hi, My Name is Andrea Hernandez.

 I am a Dutch-Canadian, Mexican-American person. I currently live on occupied Winnemem Wintu Territory known also as Mount Shasta CA. My Mercurial nature has been a (not so) constant thread in my life. As a mixed race, white passing, Canadian/American person, who has moved countless times on both sides of the border, I’ve become quite adept at Shapeshifting. This fluid part of me that was unsure of where I was from, or who I was used to give me a lot of shame. I now see my Mercurial nature as a gift, one that has enabled me to connect deeply with folks from all walks of life. A quality in direct opposition to the unnatural stasis of the nation state. A quality that allowed my Ancestors to survive colonization, the Bolshevik revolution & obtain a higher quality of life. 

I have spent the past 7 years providing direct frontline social services. Supporting people 1:1 with their self-identified needs, I’ve had the honor of accompanying people through the many transitions of their lives and in navigating the violence of systemic oppression. Through this work I’ve met the most brilliant, resilient, inspiring souls on the planet for which I am eternally grateful & have been irreversibly changed.

I am a ♊️☀️, ♏️🌙, ♐️Rising, female, Abolitionist, Witch. I am captivated by the connections between things & how things come together, whether it be the space where 2 bodies of water meet or connecting the dots between someone’s natal chart and their life story. Magic is understanding the intersections between things, the places where energies align, and harnessing this power with specific intention. For too long have the “powers that think they be” abused this knowing for profit & power, while disconnecting us from our own Magic. It is time we reclaim this Magic as our birthright, using it for our healing & evolution. I study Astrology & Tarot through a decolonial lens and see it as a tool for our individual & collective liberation. In my practice I aim to create the space for people to reclaim wholeness. The space to weave together the parts of Self fragmented by the trauma & conditioning of systems of oppression. The space to reclaim Magic and write a new story.

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Astrology & Tarot to Reclaim Wholeness

2 thoughts on “Hi, My Name is Andrea Hernandez.

  1. This is incredible, Andrea. I never thought about it like this. Please… Keep the content coming. I’m excited for the next one ♥️


  2. Love this reflection and feel it is so spot on in my own life. Especially so being a fellow Mexican-American white-passing mixed person, as well as a Gemi Sun Sag Rising. Thank you for sharing! Can’t wait for more!


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