Aquarius New Moon: The Hierophant

Good morning Astro Babes! And a magical New Moon in Aquarius to you. I know I had said I’d get the Aquarius collective reading out during our first week of Aquarius season, but alas I’m still learning how to juggle new full-time work, readings, life, mental health and writing love letters to the stars. SoContinue reading “Aquarius New Moon: The Hierophant”

Capricorn New Moon: The 10,000 Year Plan

Good Morning Astro Babes! And the happiest of New Year’s to each of you! I hope you’ve found moments of rest, peace, joy, and laughter as the holiday season comes to a close. I myself have been resting, musing, dreaming and preparing during the last few weeks of 2021. I’ve been allowing gratitude and appreciationContinue reading “Capricorn New Moon: The 10,000 Year Plan”

Sagittarius Season Forecast

Welcome Sagittarius Season! As the mutable fire of the Zodiac Sag is the many ways in which fire moves and dances, transforming those within its reach. The awe-inspiring moments of sunrise and sunset. Their kaleidoscope of crimsons, scarlets, fuchsias, oranges and admiral blue serenading us into yet another day. The eternal song of tomorrow, invitingContinue reading “Sagittarius Season Forecast”

Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: The Tarot

Good morning y’all! Today we work with our 4th and final prompt before we close out our Scorpio Season ritual this Friday beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (The final steps of this ritual will be posted Thursday, as we prepare for the Lunar Eclipse). By now you’ve hopefully spent a good amountContinue reading “Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: The Tarot”