Saturn Square Uranus: A Collective Reading

Today marks the first of 3 squares Saturn in Aquarius will make with Uranus in Taurus, some of the most significant astrology of 2021. Saturn is the planet of structure, tradition, and responsibility. Uranus is the planet of chaos, the future and revolution. When the two square off tensions run high and power struggles abound.

New Moon in Aquarius

As we reach Aquarius season our days slowly but surely are getting longer, as winter’s darkness begins to break. The bulk of the dying season is behind us, and we are reminded of the sweet tastes of life. The waxing light touches our awareness, as it does the barren trees, illuminating both our internal and external landscapes. We can see further and with more clarity than we’ve been able to for some time, as we integrate the experiences and lessons of our time spent in hibernation.

Neptune in Capricorn: The Colonizer

For those of the Neptune in Capricorn generation, such as myself (current day 22-36/37 year olds), it is of the utmost importance to regularly and vigorously assess our dreams, cleansing our dreamscape of those that are not our own. As Neptune seeks to dissolve all that it touches, in Capricorn this translates as the dissolution of responsibility, boundaries, structures, systems (economics, law & order), borders and reality. What does the dissolution of reality, borders, systems and structures, with a total disregard of responsibility look like on the ground? Colonization.

Hi, My Name is Andrea Hernandez.

 I am a Dutch-Canadian, Mexican-American person. I currently live on occupied Winnemem Wintu Territory known also as Mount Shasta CA. My Mercurial nature has been a (not so) constant thread in my life. As a mixed race, white passing, Canadian/American person, who has moved countless times on both sides of the border, I’ve become quiteContinue reading “Hi, My Name is Andrea Hernandez.”