Sagittarius Season Forecast

Welcome Sagittarius Season! As the mutable fire of the Zodiac Sag is the many ways in which fire moves and dances, transforming those within its reach. The awe-inspiring moments of sunrise and sunset. Their kaleidoscope of crimsons, scarlets, fuchsias, oranges and admiral blue serenading us into yet another day. The eternal song of tomorrow, inviting us into expansion and infinite possibility. The snap, crackle and pop of the bonfires around which we gather in merriment and melody this time of year. Gifting us with the warmth, strength, community and optimism needed to sustain us through the longest nights of the year. Ruled by Jupiter, tis the season of hope, joy and abundance… a moment following the descent of Scorpio to let our hearts be light. Below is a Tarot message channeled for the collective this Sagittarius season, a card to hold close as we embody the vibrancy of the Archer.

8 of Cups

Leaving is rarely easy. Knowing when to say goodbye is an art, we spend a lifetime mastering. Walking away from that which no longer serves us, be it a house that leaks, a draining relationship, or outdated ways of being requires self-awareness, self-trust, self-love, courage, and loads of faith.

Oftentimes we know when something is not working. Identifying that something is “wrong” often comes easy. Our bodies hurt and ache. Our minds are anxious whirlwinds of circular thoughts. Our emotions are overwhelming or numbed out entirely. Our souls long for something more. We know something isn’t working. We know what we don’t want – to continue to participate in a system of violence, racism, oppression, domination, profits and exhaustion – but we do not know how to walk away. Not knowing who we’ll be or where we’ll land on the other side of letting go can feel terrifying. Moving forward into uncharted territory requires a tremendous leap of faith… a Sagittarian leap of faith.

This Sag season the 8 of Cups asks us to know when something is ours to walk away from, and to have the faith to do so. We are asked to lean into our inner archer, embracing the quest and the unknown. To leap into the darkness, trusting the moonlight and light of our own inner flame will be enough to guide us.

The pairing of Sagittarius with the 8 of Cups calls to heart a quote from Carolyn Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit: “Any choice made from faith has the full power of heaven behind it – which is why ‘faith the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain.’ And any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith.” This Sagittarius season may we rekindle our faith as we sit beside the fire. Our faith in ourselves, one another, and our collective ability to co-create something truly remarkable. May we give our fear to the fire for transformation, as we walk away from all that no longer serves us. As we walk away from systems of oppression, and towards our collective liberation.

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