Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: Release Beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Well, here we are, at the crescendo of our Scorpio season ritual… the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. The eclipse will occur late tonight at 12:57 AM PST. If you’ve been following along our ritual began two weeks ago now, beneath the Scorpio New Moon. During the season of dying, death and transformation we committed to connecting with our Ancestors daily until the full moon. Specifically enquiring about what within our Ancestral line is calling for release. Through establishing boundaries, we created our container for connection. We’ve made offerings to our Ancestors. We’ve sung and danced for them. We’ve used the divination tools of dreamwork and the tarot to commune with them. It is my hope that no matter how much or how little you’ve engaged with your Ancestors this Scorpio season you are starting to sense the beginnings of a deep and fruitful relationship to your dead.

Now, beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, comes our moment of release. Where we let go, on behalf of our Ancestral lines, both past and future. Where we release that which is no longer ours to carry.

Tonight’s Eclipse is a partial Lunar Eclipse, when the Sun’s light (which would normally illuminate the moon creating that full moon glow) becomes blocked by the Earth’s shadow, as the Sun, Earth and Moon align in the sky. Even if you just visualize that, the Earth (where our human selves reside) is directly between the sun (solar conscious) and the moon (lunar unconscious) feeling the energetic push/pull of this opposition. This is why many astrologers often refer to Eclipses as disorienting or difficult times. And while they can be for some, I tend to see Eclipses as potent windows for transformation. A time when past (the moon), present (the Earth) and future (the sun) align into one moment. A time when we Earth beings become the veil, nestled directly between the conscious and the unconscious. As @gottess states a place “where timelines collapse”. There is perhaps not a more potent window for us to close out our Scorpio Season ritual, releasing that which no longer serves our Ancestral lines, than beneath this Lunar Eclipse.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse will be happening in the earthy sign of Taurus. The Scorpio/Taurus axis is the axis of life and death. While fixed Water Scorpio takes us deep into the death, dying, and shedding of fall, fixed Earth Taurus roots us into the life, birthing and flowering of spring. Both are seasons of profound transformation. Both are textured and sensual seasons. The orange of the California Poppy mirroring the orange of the falling leaves. Each an invitation to engage our senses and return to our bodies. Gifts that remind us that presence and surrender are how we can most gracefully navigate life’s beginnings and endings. Both the poppies and leaves blow in a free and delicate abandon reminding us that the release required for transformation needn’t be so terrifying.  

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the first in the change of the nodes of fate for that will last throughout 2022. Since the end of 2019 the nodes of fate (and thus Eclipses) have been in Gemini/Sagittarius. This Eclipse will mark the beginning of their transition into the Taurus/Scorpio axis. Taurus will be holding our North Node point, and Scorpio our South Node. Themes surrounding sensuality, sex, birthing, death and release will be present during this 1.5-year transit. During this time, we are asked to contemplate our relationship towards creation and destruction. Collectively there has been an unconceivable amount of death and destruction in the past few years with a pandemic, climate change, and social upheaval. Our Taurus North Node nudges us to move beyond destruction and into creation. What are you growing and cultivating? What will you plant amidst the rubble of collapsing systems of oppression? How can you include your Ancestors in the process? These are all excellent questions to consider beneath this Eclipse.

It is through these lenses and themes that we enact the last piece of our Scorpio Season ritual beneath the Lunar Eclipse. For the final step of our ritual, where we will release that which is no longer ours or our Ancestors to carry, taking a conscious step forward into creation.

Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: Release

The last step of our ritual will be a ritual of release beneath the full moon lunar eclipse. Releasing that which has been asked to be let go by our Ancestral lines. Hopefully you’ve received some stirrings of wisdom from your Ancestors over the last two weeks and have a sense of that which would like to be released from your familial lines. Perhaps it’s an unhealthy relationship to grief or rage; emotional avoidance; or toxic schedules of overwork. Whatever it now is the time where we surrender this Ancestral pattern beneath the Taurus Full Moon for release.

As the “fixed earth” of the Zodiac we will be using physical things – our bodies and things we can see, taste, touch, smell, hear – to release beneath the full moon. We want to physically see and feel the act of letting go. Below, I’ve included a few possible suggestions of how you might want to do this. I do not believe rituals are a one size fits all model. Feel free to choose any from the list that resonate. Feel free to build upon these and make them your own. Feel free to co-create something unique with your Ancestors. Do what feels right for you. As always, make sure to set any boundaries you may have with your Ancestors before engaging in any of the below rituals (see previous posts for details). And. So. It. Is.

  • Build An Earth Altar to what you will be releasing: To do so, gather flowers from your garden, herbs from your cupboard, rocks from the beach, leaves from the ground. Go somewhere quiet out in nature… a park, the forest, or even your backyard. Breathe, feeling the textures of each item. Smell them. See them… really see them. And let them speak to you as you intuitively arrange them into a beautiful work of art. As you place each item into your masterpiece affirm that which you and your Ancestors are releasing. Ex: “May my Ancestors and I release the grief within our Ancestral Lines”. When your Earth Altar feels complete sit there for as long as you’d like. Offer prayers for you, your Ancestral lines and what you are releasing. When you are ready leave your Altar as is, allowing the wind and rain to release your prayers.
  • A Dance for you and your Ancestors: Find a space where you feel comfortable, where you can be alone (with your Ancestors) and where you have enough space to dance. Play your favorite song (or songs and create a playlist). Maybe the songs embody that which you want to cultivate on the other side of this release. Maybe they are the music and songs of your Ancestors. Allow yourself to be fully present with the music and dance with the Reckless abandon of the poppies, as you exclaim out loud that which you are releasing from your body…from your Ancestral lines. Dance with your Ancestors for as long as feels right. Release and untether yourself and your dead allowing eclipse season to transform you.
  • Love Letters of Release: Write your Ancestors a love letter. Tell them what you are grateful for. List the strengths and gifts you’ve received from them. Tell them about that which you will be releasing beneath this eclipse. Remind them whatever that is was never theirs to carry either. Write until you have nothing left to write. When you are done take the letter to a safe space outside where it is ok for you to dig. Dig a small hole in the Earth and burry the letter, releasing that which is no longer your Ancestral Lines to carry into the Earth for composting and transformation. (Ensure your paper is biodegradable for this one).

A healing and transformative release to you all.

If you’ve enjoyed this astrological ritual stay tuned (or subscribe to my mailing list) for an upcoming addition to my services – personalized rituals created for you based on your chart and the current astrological transits.

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