Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: The Tarot

Good morning y’all! Today we work with our 4th and final prompt before we close out our Scorpio Season ritual this Friday beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus (The final steps of this ritual will be posted Thursday, as we prepare for the Lunar Eclipse). By now you’ve hopefully spent a good amount of time connecting to your Ancestors. Perhaps you’ve set boundaries with them. Maybe you’ve made them offerings a few times now, and even experimented with Dreamwork. Wherever you are, know it is exactly where you and your Ancestors are supposed to be. Your relationship is divinely guided, on its own timeline, that exists both before and after this ritual. Our final prompt of exploration will engage another divination tool to deepen our communication with our Ancestors.

Divination Tool: Tarot

Tarot is a divination tool that has been around for centuries. In recent years it has become increasingly popular, amongst witches, healers, mediums and even therapists. It is always important to acknowledge the cultural roots of any divination tool we are utilizing. Cultural acknowledgement is an imperative part of Ancestral work and healing. It is impossible to heal our lineages without acknowledging the harms perpetuated within those lineages. Acknowledgement of the people and lineages that fought for both the lands on which we live/work/heal, and the divination tools we incorporate into our practice is essential. Through acknowledgement, respect and asking questions we also come to learn which divination tools are not ok to incorporate into our practice. For some traditions specific tools, herbs and plants are not to be used by people who are not part of this ancestry/lineage. Respect these boundaries. Acknowledgement is our first step. Beyond acknowledgement we must move into action. Into reparations and restitution. Below is an cultural acknowledgement of the Tarot provided by the “Living Altar” oracle deck (a fabulous deck to get if you are new to oracles cards, or looking for a new deck).

“Tarot’s cultural roots are centered in Romani history and practices in Cartomancy which was and is a survival-based trade for many vistas. Cartomancy is the interpretation of playing cards through divination. Playing cards are the origin of the tarot, as we see the minor arcana in the playing cards we know today. The Major Arcana came later through tarot’s journey into mainstream culture and integration into mystical and magical practices through colonialism, appropriation and forced assimilation.”

The Romani have endured slavery, genocide and systemic oppression across Europe, and the globe, for centuries. If you are using Tarot (especially if you are profiting off them) please consider moving from acknowledgement into reparations and donate to Romani orgs such as: the European Roma Rights Centre; the Canadian Romani Alliance; or the Romedia Foundation. A portion of my fees for readings will always support both Canadian Indigenous lead orgs, and Romani lead organizations. If the Tarot is part of your practice, I encourage you to do the same.

Below you’ll find the next step in our Scorpio Season ritual, where we will utilize the Tarot to connect more directly with your Ancestors. As you remember, the intention of our ritual since the New Moon has been to connect with our Ancestors daily, and uncover that which wants to be released from our Ancestral Line beneath the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. If you’ve been finding it difficult to connect, and to locate that which wants to be released up until this point, this Tarot spread was designed as a direct way to uncover and explore what is asking to be released beneath the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. I also encourage you, as part of your Ancestral Healing practice, to donate to a Romani lead org today.

Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: Step 4

What you’ll Need: A Tarot or Oracle Card Deck

*Note: If you don’t have a Tarot or Oracle deck that’s ok. Really anything and everything can be used as a divination tool. Corn, pine needles or rice grains can be thrown on the ground, and you can interpret them based on the way they land, paying attention to images that appear and feelings that arise. You can open up to a random book and read the first sentence your eyes are drawn to. You can lay outside on a sunny day and look up at the clouds and ask for a message from your Ancestors. Do what feels right.

If you do have a Tarot or Oracle deck settle into your designated place of connection to your Ancestors. Start as you do each time you’ve been connecting them now. Welcome them, set any boundaries you may have, perhaps make them an offering, and talk with them. Perhaps you’d like to do a meditation with them prior to pulling some cards. Do what feels right.  

When you are ready to pull your cards take a few deep breaths as you shuffle your deck. Then state your intention. “May I connect more deeply with my ____ Ancestors; May they reveal to me that which wants to be released from our lineage” (fill in the blank with any current boundaries you may have “loving Ancestors” “healing Ancestors” etc.). Then pull 4 cards out from your deck and lay them out in front of you. Flip them over one by one and receive their messages.

Card 1: What from our Ancestral lines is longing to be released through me beneath the full moon lunar Eclipse? (Ex. Toxic overwork, emotional avoidance, etc.)

Card 2: What will support me as I release this way of being that is no longer useful to our Ancestral line? What are the strengths I can call on?

Card 3: What will this release make space for?

Card 4: My guide throughout this process.

Once you’ve pulled all 4 cards sit with them for a minute. Ask your Ancestors to make their meaning known. What comes up as you look at them? Perhaps you’d like to stream of consciousness journal about each. Once you’ve received clarity on what would like to be released hold onto this and prepare to release beneath the upcoming Lunar Eclipse. Thank your Ancestors for their wisdom, offer them prayers of gratitude and say your goodbyes.

Wishing you a healing and loving connection.

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