Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: Dreamwork

Good Morning Astro Lovers! Today we delve into prompt 3 of our Scorpio Season Ritual: Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages. For those of you just joining us do not worry, it is never too late to be in relationship with your Ancestors. Please see the past few posts for the ritual basics, and the first 2 prompts we’ve been utilizing to deepen our connection to our Ancestors.

For those of you that have been following along, you’ve most likely been sitting with your Ancestors at least a few times. Some of you might be feeling more connected to your Ancestors than ever before., And for others you might be feeling nothing much at all. Know wherever you are at, it is ok. It can feel strange at first, talking to those who cannot directly speak back. Maybe you feel like you’ve just been sitting in a lot of silence. That’s ok. It can take time to understand and communicate with our Dead. To learn the ways in which they speak to us. Our next two prompts will engage divination tools to help us communicate more directly with our Ancestors.

Divination Tool: Dreamwork

Divination tools are as old as human selves. Nearly every indigenous culture and ancient civilization used some form of divination tools as a way for them to help them understand both the past and future, the world around them and themselves. From the Oracle of Delphi to corn divination of indigenous peoples of so called “Mexico”, divination tools have been utilized to connect and communicate with forces and beings beyond the physical plane of existence (such as our Ancestors). In today’s prompt we will explore Dreamwork as one such divination tool to deepen our connection to our Ancestors.

Dreamwork can be a powerful way to connect to our Ancestors. Speaking to us from beyond the veil, our Ancestors like to communicate to us through signs and symbols… the language of our dreams. Our dream space provides the intuitive and non-logical landscape to receive their messages. There are countless ways to practice dreamwork. Below I’ll describe one of my favorites, and the next step in our Scorpio Season ritual. A simple practice to engage your Ancestors more directly, as we continue with our Scorpio Season Ritual.

What you will need: A Journal & A Pen

On the night(s) you intend to engage in Dreamwork with your Ancestors, do your daily connecting with your Ancestors just before you go to bed.

Before engaging in Dreamwork with your Ancestors is a very good time to reassess any current boundaries you may have with them. Especially what you will and will not tolerate in terms of communication, Ancestors you will not be communicating with at this time, and if there are any particular pain points that are currently off limits. Specify who you will be engaging with, and what you want to explore through Dreamwork.

Next go to your designated place of connection, welcome the Ancestors you will be engaging with, and set any boundaries you currently have. Perhaps speak to them a little or make an offering if you feel inspired.

Next get comfortable. You’ll want to be laying down, as you meditate with the Ancestors before bed. Perhaps grab a pillow or a blanket, anything you might need to feel comfortable laying. We’ll be doing a simple body scan meditation with the Ancestors before heading to sleep. I find body scan meditations to be one of the most relaxing and easeful meditations to engage before bedtime. Through our physical bodies is also one of the most direct ways we can connect to our Ancestors, as they literally are our blood and bones.

You can find a body scan meditation easily online, but here are the basics. Take a few deep breaths to clear and center your energy. When you are centered shift your focus to the crown of your head and breathe into this space for a few breaths. Notice what you notice and simply allow it to be. Next move down to your forehead, breathing into this space and noticing for a few breaths. Next your ears, the space between your eyebrows, your eyes, nose, mouth, throat, neck and so on. Move down scanning your entire body until you reach your toes, breathing into each space and noticing. Finally breathe into your whole body all at once sensing your aliveness, and noticing.

When your meditation is complete, remain laying down. At this point intuitively put your hands on your body wherever feels right. Perhaps your belly, heart, or the back of your head and breathe into this space. As you breathe here state your intention out loud to your Ancestors.

“May I dream with my ______ Ancestors tonight”

(fill in the blank if you’ve set any particular boundaries, ie “loving Ancestors” “Maternal Ancestors” etc.)

“May my Ancestors reveal to me that which needs to be released from our lineage”

(our question of inquiry this Scorpio Season ritual)

Then say your goodnights, thank them, and head to bed with your journal and pen. Just before you go to sleep write your intention down in your Journal. “May I dream with my ___ Ancestors tonight. May they reveal to me that which needs to be released form our lineage.”

Then sleep and dream away. When you wake up if you’ve dreamed be sure to write it down straight away for best recall, as our dreams can fade quickly upon awakening. Do not be discouraged if you do not have dreams, nor can’t remember your dreams. Keep practicing, trusting when you are ready you will receive their messages.

At a later time come back and read any dreams you have recorded. As you read breathe into your body, paying attention to any physical sensations. As you read highlight or underline any words or sentences that you feel have an extra charge to them. When you are done you should have a few things highlighted. These are the breadcrumbs to follow. The invitations from your Ancestors to a deeper understanding to the meaning of your dream. What are the themes? What are the feelings? What are your Ancestors trying to tell you? Don’t over think it. Trust the first thoughts and feelings that come into your awareness. Write them down. Sit with them. And watch the language of your Ancestors begin to emerge.  

A healing and peaceful connection to you all. And. So. It. Is.

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