Scorpio Season Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual: Offerings

Good afternoon y’all! We find ourselves today at the first ¼ moon of our current Scorpio New Moon cycle. We’ve reached the halfway point between the Scorpio New Moon and the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. If you’ve been following along with the Scorpio New Moon ritual, by now you’ve hopefully been connecting with your Ancestors at least a few times, if not daily, since the New Moon. Perhaps you’ve even contemplated and set the boundaries from which your relationship to your Ancestors will be cultivated. If so great, and if not that’s ok… our ritual is quite simple. Sit with, talk with, meditate with your Ancestors daily, for as long as is comfortable. Ask to get to know them better. Ask them what desires to be released from your family line. Then listen. (For complete details and previous prompts to explore see previous posts or link in bio). Today I’ll be sharing prompt 2 to deepen your connection to your Ancestors.


Offerings are gifts given in love, gratitude and appreciation. They are a physical representation of how much some place, something or someone means to us, in this case our Ancestors. The physical act of “giving” is one of the most powerful ways we can embody our intention of “connecting more deeply to our Ancestors”. For all healthy relationships are built upon a balanced exchange of giving and receiving.

Offerings can be literally anything. Flowers, herbs, stones found on the beach, fruit, money, songs, poetry, water, alcohol, fall leaves, or a dance. Follow your intuition and move with your heart. If you have some knowledge about your Ancestral roots begin there. Look into the plants, food, and music of their land and history, and offer these to your Ancestors, they’ve most likely been missing them.

Offerings can also be ways to make amends for harms committed within your Ancestral lines. Acts of reparations taken with the intention of healing, justice and restoring the balance of power. If your Ancestors were settlers, colonizers or enslavers (if you are white and living in the “Americas” most likely they were) there will be generations of violence that require restitution. Likely there were Ancestors within your lineage (blood or chosen) who initiated this process when they were alive. Those who recognized the violence, racism and oppression around them as wrong and fought for change. Afterall, you, who is reading this post and doing this work, are the product of those who have come before. Call on them. Honor them. Offer them your physical vessel as you join movement spaces, march, and redistribute resources on their behalf.

You can make offerings to your Ancestors anywhere at any time. If you’ve created an Ancestral Altar, or a dedicated space to commune with your Ancestors, offerings can be made daily, weekly, or monthly in this space. Offerings can also be spontaneous acts of love made in the moment. While out on a hike, cleaning the house, or cooking on the stove… maybe you feel inspired to throw some extra rosemary in with a specific intention of gratitude or connection. Have fun with it and relish in the abundance you and your Ancestors co-create.

Scorpio New Moon Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual

If you have not already, choose a specific spot in your home that is for you and your Ancestors to connect. Sit here with them daily, talking, praying, meditating, until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Remind them of why you are here: to deepen your connection, and to uncover that which years to be released from your Ancestral line. Set the boundaries of your relationship to your Ancestors (see previous post).

Now, we build upon this practice with Offerings. As you commune daily with your Ancestors make them offerings of love and appreciation. Let them know just how grateful you are to be fostering this connection. Leave them offerings as much as you feel inspired. Choose items that symbolize the qualities you would like to embody within yourself, and thus your Ancestral lines, as the current living expression of those lines. Perhaps bright floral bouquets that represent joy and abundance, if your Ancestors were subjected to oppression and poverty. Perhaps love notes and poetry, if your Ancestors experienced insufferable loss.

Continue this practice until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (Nov 19). Each time you make an Offering ask your Ancestors to make known to you what they’d like you to release from your collective lineage. For we will be releasing this beneath the Full Moon.

Remember Ancestral work and connection is not logical. It is a Magical practice that transcends time and space. As you engage with your Ancestors and this ritual try to move out of your head. Move into your heart, body and soul. There is no right or wrong. Your Offerings do not need to make “sense”. Perhaps you feel compelled to offer them a piece of chewed up gum. Trust that instinct. All that matters is it feels meaningful to you and your dead. Even if you do not understand why, trust It will become clearer with time.

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