Scorpio New Moon: Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages Ritual

Hello astro babes! Wowzers, a lot of potent magical windows and doors were opened this past week: Mars entered Scorpio; we welcomed the darkest moon of the year, with the Scorpio New Moon; timelines collapsed for the cross-quarterly holiday of Samhain; and for my Mexican and Central American kin we danced with the Ancestors, as the veil got thin, for Día de los Muertos. In addition, this time of year, when Scorpio is in its 7-10th degrees, marks my natal Moon & Pluto “birthday”, which I like to honor and celebrate each year (more on incorporating this into your own astrology practice to come in a future post). Phew, amazing how lively and bustling death, darkness and mystery can be. In reverence of the season, I honored my need for solitude (12th house Scorpio moon here), deep inward reflection, and communing with the Ancestors vs. external doing, posting and creating. Here is what came through, a simple yet potent ritual from the Scorpio New Moon. A ritual to deepen, support or begin your Ancestral practice and connection to those who’ve come before.

Scorpio New Moon Ritual: Ancestral Connection & Healing Lineages

New Moon Intention: To deepen my connection to my Ancestors. To commune with them daily from now until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. To sit with them. Talk to them. Pray with them. Celebrate them. With the intention of deepening our connection, and thus my understanding of both our past and our future. Receiving clarity around what’s theirs, and what’s mine. Of what still needs healing, and how I may move us closer to our collective actualized dreams.

This ritual is simple. Start small by creating a space in your home where you will commit to spending some time with your Ancestors each day from now until the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (November 19th). This space can be an elaborate Altar, or simply a single candle lit in a quiet place. Whether you know your entire family tree, or not a single living or dead relative that’s ok. Your intention is enough. Simply invite those Ancestors that are in alignment with your highest truth (be it love, peace, etc.) into your space and let them know you’d like to get to know them better. Over time they will make themselves known. Like any relationship the more we put in the more we receive, and the more depth and trust we cultivate. Explore sitting with them. Explore laying with them, while breathing into your womb space, the part of the body ruled by Scorpio. The part the body from which we gestated absorbing the energetic tones of our family lines. Both the joy and heartache of those that came before. Ask them what it is they would like you to know? Ask them what they yearn to be released from the family line? Sit with them daily, as you prepare to release that which needs to be released, beneath the upcoming full moon. And So It Is.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be offering tips and tools to deepen your connection and communication to your Ancestors and familial lines, as you sit with them daily. For now, start small. Speak. Get quiet. Listen. May their wisdom be known. Blessed Scorpio season to y’all.

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