New Moon in Libra: Making Peace, Reparations & Restitution

Hello Astro Babes! It has been a minute since I’ve posted here, and wow, it feels good to be back. Virgo season was a whirlwind that had me focusing my energy on a move back home to the PNW. And gosh, does it ever feel good to be back amongst the Rain, Sword Ferns and Cedar. Feeling majorly contented this Mercury in Retrograde transit, as I REturn home, REunite with loved ones and REvisit my work here on this page. I thank you for your ongoing support as I continue to evolve with this space and my practice. Officially back, and here for your New Moon in Libra download.

New Moon in Libra

We awaken today to the New Moon in Libra. Here, above the 49th, the air already feels cool and crisp, and the leaves have begun their scintillating fall. The rain has come, as our misty mountain guardians usher us into autumn. As the salmon run, and daylight wanes, we are reminded of the long winter which lays ahead. The silence of the dying season grows louder with each passing day. It’s becoming harder to ignore. Death beckons.

As the Cardinal Air of the Zodiac, Libra is the breath of life itself. That first fighting gasp of air we all take, inaugurating us into being. Initiating us not only into a new season, but also into the dark half of the “Wheel of the Year”, Libra’s cardinal airs inform us of the inextricable link between life and death. Our fetal form must die, if our lungs are to ever take flight. The Scales poignantly remind us that every inhale is followed by an equal and automatic exhale. Sigh. And so, we find ourselves at the turning point, at the peak of our collective inhale. As daylight gives way to darkness Libra season marks the beginning of our descent. The beginning of our slow and steady exhale.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure, Libra reminds us just how exquisite this dance between life and death truly is. Forests erupting into a symphony of red, orange and yellow notes. The smell of dead fish reaching the heavens, as the salmon fertilize the old growth giants. A waltz of such grace, only the divine could truly master its rotations. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. A dance of communion, balance and harmony. Libra’s breath of life whisking us off our feet, towards communication and relationship. Towards love. Left foot. Right foot. In breath. Out breath. Repeat.

Represented by the Scales, and the Tarot Card ‘Justice’, Libra has long been associated with truth and justice. For as long as I could remember both ‘Libra’ and ‘Justice’ confused me. What is Justice exactly? Whenever I would pull the card, I’d instantly feel an uncomfortable somatic reaction, as the colonial binaries of right and wrong, tit for tat, and crime and punishment became activated in my being. How can this be Justice? I asked, as I probed for deeper meaning. I turned to Libra, and the beginning of autumn looking for answers. How does this season embody justice? How is justice mirrored by the Earth at this time? My brain, conditioned by centuries of colonial systemic oppression, quickly produced some puritan capitalist garbage. “Have you worked hard enough? Have you stored enough food to survive the winter?”. While part of this might be true, it still feels like crime and punishment. A protestant capitalist myth we’ve been fed, to justify capitalist greed and equate our worth with our work. No, that’s not it.

“Make Peace”. There it is.

The words came through loud and clear. “Make peace before death.” Before the long and arduous winter arrives, we must make peace; with one another and ourselves. We will not survive the intensity of the descent when we are fighting amongst ourselves. True Justice is ‘Making Peace’. In ‘Making Peace’ we renter Libra’s harmonious dance. Left foot. Right foot. True Justice restores the balance that harm undoes. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat. True Justice moves beyond punishment and separation, as we are reunited with the eternal dance of life.

We ‘make peace’ not only through understanding, acceptance and forgiveness. We make peace through our grief and our rage. Our screams and tears carving the path forward towards Justice. Emotional release a vital catalyst in restoring balance through the reclamation of our nervous systems, waters, lands, bodies. Beneath this dark moon may you cry, yell and laugh, making peace in the process. For you. For me. For us.

The New Moon in Libra rises, as Mercury Retrograde in Libra continues to unfold. As always Mercury retrogrades offer us a window of time to pause, reflect, review and renew. The Libra lunation is a potent time to reflect on your relationship to peace, in your body, mind, heart and spirit. Where are you being asked to ‘make peace’? With yourself? With another? What resources and supports must you call in to do so? To white settlers: have you reckoned with the harms of your Ancestors? How can you actively move towards Justice and making peace on behalf of them? Part of making peace includes reparations and restitution. Are you actively making reparations? Beneath the Libra New Moon is the perfect time to start. Heed its call to restore the balance. Heed its call for Justice.

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