New Moon in Leo: Returning to Self & Healing the Land

This Sunday August 8th, at 6:50 AM (PST), we will arrive at the Leo New Moon. Here we are, at the peak of summer. Traditionally Leo has been associated with abundance, pleasure and creative self-expression… the sun is shining, and the living is sweet. Our beings saturated in abundance, as we lose ourselves in the seemingly endless blackberry brambles. Sensations of pleasure erupting on our taste buds, as we savor the sweet-tart flavors of the grapevine. From this place of abundance and pleasure, of having our needs met, our creativity flourishes. As we witness the tiny seeds we planted come into their full self-expression, we are lovingly invited to do the same. The delectably juicy fruit welcoming us to step into the fullness of who we are. Ruled by the almighty Sun, during Leo season both our world and ourSelves shine brightly for all to see.

And yet, year by year, this traditional understanding of Leo season feels further and further from truth. In tropical astrology (western) this deliciously abundant depiction (along with our understanding of each astrological sign) originates over 2000 years ago. Tropical astrology defines 0 degrees of Aries (the start of the Zodiac) with the vernal equinox and moves forward from this point, reflecting not necessarily what constellation the Sun is in (the sun may actually be transiting the Pisces constellation when it is in Aries), but rather the season we are in. In Tropical astrology the signs mirror the world around us vs. the actual constellation in the sky. Reflecting how the Earth looks, feels, smells, sounds and tastes, during any given one-month period. And while much of this millennia old description still holds true (I did just get lost in a blackberry bramble), for many Leo season now looks like forest fires, evacuation orders, smokey air, drought, heat waves, and climate catastrophe. The world looks hazy, feels sweltering, smells like smoke, sounds like airtankers, and tastes like fire. In a world where our global climates are changing drastically, I am left wondering: do the astrological signs that mirror them change as well?

This is a question that has been on my mind a lot the past few years, as we watch the climate crisis continue to escalate. And I’ve come to the conclusion that they do. I’ve watched firsthand, in so called “California”, abundance become scarcity, as water becomes an increasingly precious resource. Pleasure becoming pain, as many lose everything to the raging infernos, including their lives. Creative self-expression becomes nearly impossible, when living in survival mode, when living under the constant threat of catastrophe. Astrology is not a one-way street. Just as the rhythms of the planets influence life on Earth, our birth charts and Selves, so too do our actions/inactions influence the shape and meaning of the planets, stars and signs. A well-known example being the evolution of Mars, shapeshifting over the years from the God of Fertility and Agriculture to the God of War, to the more contemporary understanding as the Ruler of passion and desire. The stars mirror us, just as much as we mirror the stars. As above, so below.  

So as the climate crisis continues to intensify does this mean that fixed fire of Leo season will become less and less about abundance, pleasure, and self-expression, and more and more about scarcity, grief, survival? It very well could if we don’t get our shit together. However, I remain hopeful. It is just a mirror after all. Ruled by the Sun, Leo and our ever-warming Earth are currently reflecting back our own dysfunctional relationship to “solar” energy.  

In astrology the Sun represents the seat of our consciousness, our essence, our identity and ego. The core part of ourselves that makes us, us. When our solar energy is in balance, we feel abundant. Our hearts are open and loving. We know who we are and express ourselves freely, even as that self changes and evolves over time. We radiate a glow that inspires others to step into the fullness of who they are. When our solar energy is out of balance, we enter the troublesome territory of self-serving behavior, narcissism, and self-effacement. When our solar energy is overemphasized, our egos become grandiose to the point of superiority, supremacy, and exceptionalism. We over identify with our self-narratives and beliefs, becoming stuck, and resistant to change. Our hearts stiffen, not allowing our self to evolve or be changed by the world around us. When our solar energy is deficient, we struggle to step into our power. Our egos become dangerously small, as we learn to hide, stay small, and remain silent. We may not know who we are, what we want, or why we are here. Our self-worth dwindles, along with our ability to trust ourselves. The majority of us oscillate between balance, excess and deficient solar energy. Oftentimes all 3 truths can exist at once, as we hold the full spectrum of solar energy within us.

However, collectively, especially in the colonized western world, our solar energy has become severely out of balance, indicating the majority of us individuals may be spending more time than not in unbalanced solar energies. The “American” identity, one that values of freedom, independence and individuality, becomes increasingly distorted as American exceptionalism, imperialism, hyper individualism, genocide and white supremacy continue to destroy our communities and our planet. The unsustainable year over year growth models of capitalism twisted “enough” and abundance into scarcity and excess, ravaging pristine ecosystems in the process. Human supremacy, the epitome of narcissism, has triggered the planets 6th mass extinction. Our collective inability to truly know ourselves, see beyond ourselves, and act accordingly, is pushing the entire planet to the brink of collapse. We are Icarus getting nearer and nearer the Sun. Narcissus staring longingly at his reflection. We know how these stories end. Thankfully, we still have time to write a new ending. (If you haven’t read the myths of Icarus and Narcissus they make for excellent reading beneath this Leo New Moon).

May the New Moon in Leo mark the beginning of this new ending. May we remember what a healthy relationship to ourSelf looks and feels like beneath the New Moon. May we relearn how to listen to, trust, and act from our hearts. May we learn to look at ourselves through eyes of love, not vanity. May we cultivate a healthy relationship to our egos and identity. May we know when to speak up, and when to shut up. May we get radically honest with ourselves. May we rediscover who we truly are, beyond the conditioning and trauma of systems of oppression. May we remember our “Self” does not exist in isolation, that our actions and inactions effect our families, friends, communities, and the planet. May we remember that true “Sovereignty” is not hyper-independence, but radical interdependence. Beneath this smokey dark moon we are all being asked to level up. If we want to continue to bask in the abundance, joy, pleasure and artistry that is Leo season, we must bring our solar energy into balance, dismantling supremacy once and for all. Together the New Moon in Leo, and the Lion’s Gate Portal will sync up creating a powerful window for this necessary transformation. Where are you being asked to level up? To grow up? To check your ego at the door? Do you need to be more self-serving? Or more self-effacing? Who are you, beneath all the noise? Surrender your “Self” beneath this New Moon, allowing the truth of you to emerge.

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