Mars in Virgo: Discerning Desire

Today Mars enters the Mutable Earth sign of Virgo and will be here to stay until September 14th. When the passion and drive of Mars, encounters the malleable Earth of Virgo there truly is no limit as to what can be created. Mars acts on impulse and desire. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, operates on thoughtful analysis. When the two come together we are offered the space to weave our desires into something tangible. Into something we can see, taste, touch and feel. Our gut impulses receive the sounding board they need for actualization. A ceramist at their potter’s wheel transforming raw clay into infinite possibility. Red rock sculpted by the wind, rain, heat and snow. What will you be molding this Mars in Virgo Transit? Be sure to ask all parts of you… your shadow, human and higher selves.

Ruled by Mercury, the fluid shapeshifter, Virgo possess the gift to easily access the lower, middle and upper worlds. To receive messages from the shadow, human and higher selves. Desire (Mars) permeates all levels of existence. Our shadow self has desires. Our human self has its own desires. And our higher selves have yet their own desires. With Mars in Virgo, we are invited to examine our desires, our instincts and impulses as they arise. To discern which world, or which aspect of self is speaking to us in any given moment. Whose desires have been getting the most airtime as of late, your shadow, human or higher self? Does this align with who you want to be in this moment? Does this align with who you want to become? As you answer these questions remember that all parts of ourselves have value. All are important. Where our shadows often seek to protect, our beings often seek to love and connect, and yet our higher selves often seek expansion. Mars in Virgo reminds us that all are essential in living a full and rich life.

Mars in Virgo invites us to not only discern where our desires originate from within ourselves, but whether or not they are even ours to begin with. In our current day kyriarchy – a system built around domination, oppression and submission – we are rarely, if ever encouraged, to truly touch our own desires. From the moment we are born we are conditioned to believe that only the desires of wealthy, white, cis, het, able bodied men matter. To mistake Capitalism’s “more more more” as our hearts desire. To believe that the american dream is our dream. For they know the moment we touch our hearts longing, the moment we grasp that thing that is uniquely “ours”, is the moment we become unstoppable and burn this living nightmare to the ground.

This Mars in Virgo transit May you create a masterpiece, reflective of your shadow, human and higher selves. May you examine your desires with a loving curiosity. May you remember what you are here to do and DO IT! May you receive the messages you need to hear.

If you’d like to explore how the desires of your shadow, human and higher self and how the Mars in Virgo transit will affect you personally I am currently available for Comprehensive Birth Chart readings.

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2 thoughts on “Mars in Virgo: Discerning Desire

  1. I really loved how you wrote about our shadow, being and higher selves and which one is “getting the most airtime lately” and how they all have their place instead of denying their existence. Really made me think and also be more compassionate to myself. Love your writings!

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