Leo Season: A Collective Reading

Welcome Leo Season! We entered the fires of Leo last Thursday, but my being was calling for rest and healing. My heart required release, before it could receive the Lion’s wisdom. The Lion only pounces when its ready. Below are its messages, illuminated by that full moon glow.

As the fixed fire of the Zodiac Leo embodies the containers strong enough to hold fires dynamic flames. Our life sustaining beating hearts, and the Sun itself in all its shining glory. Sources of light and power so steady they’ve fueled entire worlds across millennia. Meeting us at the peak of summer, along with the apricots, peaches and figs, Leo embodies fullness, decadence, abundance and pleasure. The sun is shining, and the living is sweet. After the care and nourishment of Cancer season, we are now ready to step into our full power. As the fruit ripens, so too do our passions, creativity and self-expression, as we learn to embody our unapologetic sacred roar. Below is a Tarot message channeled for the collective this Leo Season, a card to hold close as we embody the strength of the Lion.

3 of Swords

There is perhaps no greater anchor than the constant throb of our beating hearts. A slow burn, whose crests and dips, steadily warm us from the inside out. Our hearts are true leaders, in every sense of the word, ensuring every single cell gets the oxygen, nutrients and resources they need. Its electromagnetic currents understand the correct course of action before our brains can even put it into words. Accentuating our aliveness, a buoyant pulse will always lead us back to our center. Back to our joy. Back to our pleasure. Back to ourselves. Back to wholeness.

It takes tremendous strength to embody our wholeness in a world that constantly tells us we aren’t enough. In a world that equates our worth with our appearance, earnings, and ability. In a world built on supremacy, where it is flat out dangerous to stand in the fullness of who we are. It is no surprise that so many of us feel disconnected from our joy, power, and unique self-expression. Our hearts have been under attack since the very first time we were told our desires were wrong, or who we were was not good enough.

This Leo season the 3 of Swords asks us to remove the blades lodged within our hearts. The judgements and projections of the outside world. The internalized shame and pain. The unexpressed grief. Without this release our hearts become heavy and worn, and our life force dwindles. Call on the Lion this Leo season and reclaim your greatest source of power: an open and loving heart. The 3 of Swords is asking us to get deep. What is your first memory of being silenced? Of not being “enough”? When were you first shamed for your dreams and desires? Where did you learn to equate playing it small with safety? What outdated narratives continue to pierce your heart, long after the initial impact? It is time to release these Swords that were never yours to carry. To return your heart to its deep inner knowing and innate elasticity.

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Astrology & Tarot to Reclaim Wholeness

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