Mars in Cancer

Mars in Cancer post here folks, and in true Mars in Cancer fashion, a few days late (care, rest and connection were calling). But yes, Mars entered the Cardinal Waters of Cancer on Friday April 23rd, and it will remain here until June 11th. Mars is the planet of heat, of fire, of doing, of action. Always up for a good fight, Mars is not one to shy away from conflict, knowing friction is essential for our growth and evolution. Assertive, direct, ambitious and alive, Mars enables us to get stuff done.

Cancer initiates us into the world of feeling, depth, care and sensitivity. As the first of the Water signs Cancer is the water that birthed us all. The waters of our Mother’s Womb. Headwaters and springs, the cardinal waters from which all life is born. Ruled by the Moon, Cancer has long been associated with the more passive and receptive states of being. Where the Sun communicates to us directly, through our conscious awareness and waking life, the Moon communicates much more subtly, through the language of intuition, dreams, and symbols. The moonlit waters of Cancer are primordial, deeply psychic, home to the Ancestors and spirt world, home to all that was and all that ever will be.

In Traditional Astrology Mars is considered in its “Fall” when in Cancer. The “Fall” is a placement where a planet struggles and is considered “weak”. And I mean I get it, how are the flames of Mars to stay lit when in the depths of Cancer’s waters? According to this logic, Mars will struggle to move forward with its full gusto, weighed down by the sentimentality of the Crab. Rather than moving forward, facing conflict head on, the crab will scuttle sideways, or retreat into its shell, avoiding tension at all costs. And while this maybe true, that the outward doing energy of Mars will be tempered by the inward being of Cancer, in our current world I consider this a strength, not a weakness. Perhaps, in an ideal world, where the energies of the planets and elements exist in perfect balance, equal parts doing and being, Cancer might “weaken” Mars. But in our current Kyriarchy, Martian energy has become out of control, taking on the forms of violence, supremacy, domination, endless doing and exponential growth. Far from weak, in our current out of balance and unsustainable reality Mars in Cancer is one of our greatest strengths.

Mars in Cancer supports life, not suicidal exponential growth. It realigns us with a higher cosmic order of balance and reciprocity. Giving and receiving, doing and being. Mars in Cancer reminds us that fire and water are both essential channels of the same life force.

Mars in Cancer asks us to align our moving, acting and doing with the needs of those we love and care for. That support for our families, friends, communities and ancestors is one of the most meaningful actions we can take. Mars in Cancer reminds us that self-interest rarely leaves us full for long, that it is generosity which sustains us. Mars in Cancer reminds us care and nourishment are always worth fighting for.

Mars in Cancer encourages us to acknowledge and work through our feelings. To face our emotions directly and lovingly. No more avoidance, suppression, or defensively lashing out. Mars in Cancer asks us to dig deeper than our initial reactions. To tenderly hold our hurts, allowing them the space to be. Often acceptance is all they need.  

Mars in Cancer invites us to slow down, as activist and author adrienne maree brown would say “to move at the speed of trust”. This Mars in Cancer transit is the perfect time to shift out of the colonial timelines of crisis and urgency, moving into timelines of consent and trust. Mars in Cancer reminds us that the process of strengthening relationships is always more important than the outcome. People over profits, outcomes and measures… always.

As ruler of both Aries, the sign of birth and new life, and Scorpio, the sign of death and decay, we never leave the flames of Mars unchanged. Its flares purify, and its pressures alchemize, as it strips us to our core. Burning away all that is superfluous we are gifted with the wisdom of bones and the strength of diamonds for having the courage to enter the hot inferno. With Mars in Cancer, we experience this rebirth when we are courageous enough to face conflict head on, leaning into the discomfort in all our vulnerability. When we understand oftentimes conflict is synonymous with care.

The Mars in Cancer transit offer us a gateway to deep global restoration, healing and balance. This is a great time to ask, what is my piece, what is my thread, in our greater cosmic healing and evolution? Listen, and see what shows up. Remember oftentimes Cancer will speak to us through our intuition, dreams, synchronicities and symbols. Pay attention. Follow the breadcrumbs. They will take you where you need to go.

Over the course of Mars in Cancer in transit, Mars will make some important connections with Chiron, Neptune and Pluto:

On May 11th Mars in Cancer will square Chiron in Aries. This day may feel especially sensitive. Old wounds may open, as we reconcile our past with where we want to go. Move slowly, move intentionally, and be sure to load up on copious amounts of TLC.

On May 31st Mars in Cancer will trine Neptune in Pisces. This day feels like a blessing and a warm hug. A day for being rather than doing. Lean into the softness. Connect with your ancestors and more than human kin. Dream big. Dream of a world where all are deeply nourished. Align your dreams with the greatest good for all.

Lastly, on June 5th Mars in Cancer will station opposite Pluto in Capricorn and things may feel tense, as we navigate the polarity between the speed of trust, and the necessity to dismantle systems of oppression and destruction as soon as humanly possible. Remember slow is different than passive, stand up for what you believe in.

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