Aries New Moon: Trust Your Instincts

Tonight at 7:31 PM PST, we arrive at the Aries New Moon. Energetic and open Aries energy is the divine spark of creation; the life force that awakens the cherry blossoms bloom, the life force that inspires us to move, act and do. We arrive at the Aries New Moon ready for change, or at least ready to accept that change has come, even if we feel ill equipped to meet it. Life has changed. Life is back, transforming before our very eyes. Having waded through the flood plains, through the complexity of our emotional world, Pisces season taught us how to surrender, how to let go, how to dissolve into the unknown. Now we find ourselves on the other side of that transformation. Electrified and awake the Earth greets us with seed sprouts, tree buds and flowering blooms, reminding us that we too can change, that we too have changed. Aries marks the beginning of the soul’s journey of individuation, where we discover who and what we are on our own terms. To truly step out on our own, into any new endeavor, can feel terrifying. May the soft grace of the Tulip remind us, that we will indeed bloom. May the mighty Nettle Leaves remind us of our courage and strength, as they embolden us to say “yes” to life.

Ruled by Mars, it makes sense that our first few wobbly steps into Aries season, and the astrological new year, would be infused with the Warrior’s spirit. New beginnings and uncharted territories are not for the faint of heart. Known also as the red planet, Mars rules power, sex, passion and drive. Also referred to as a masculine, or yang energy Mars brings heat, fire and courage wherever it goes. At its core, Martian energy is instinctive. Whether a defensive act of protection, an angry urge for revenge, or a plants innate ability to germinate, Mars operates on gut feelings and impulse, compelling us to act. Patience and forethought are not it’s strong suit. I mean, have you ever met a patient Aries? (Kidding/not kidding Aries, we love you).

As humans, our relationship to Mars has been a tumultuous one, as we have yet to collectively embody a truly healthy expression of its power. And so, many of us remain wary of its force, distrustful of our own power, distrustful of our instincts. While at its core Mars represents an intuitive vital force, in the hands of humans it has all too often taken the devastating forms of violence, supremacy and toxic masculinity, across millennia. As the Roman God of War, Mars has long been associated with blood and battle. One of the most celebrated Gods in the Roman Pantheon, Mars and War were glorified as a means to forcefully expand the Empire’s way of life. Predating Rome Mars was the Greek God of War Ares, who was considered dangerous and destructive, traveling with his companions Phobos (fear) and Deimos (terror). Given this historical context, it is no wonder many of us have a hard time trusting our instincts. Centuries of war, colonization, supremacy and imperialism suggest our instincts are total and complete garbage.

With such a grisly lineage, the energy of Mars has been somewhat demonized within our current day collective psyche. We’ve been taught, (especially as non-male/non male identifying people) to override and distrust our baseline instincts. To silence them with logic, reason, and “niceness”, as following their impulsive nature will only result in more harm. But is this indeed accurate, or lies we’ve been conditioned to believe by the colonial, patriarchal, industrial, capitalist cog in which we are a part of? Who is actually causing the harm? Afterall, it is in its best interest that we do not trust our instincts, that we do not act, that we do not scream in the face of injustice, that we remain silent. It is in its best interest that we remain obedient, and industrious, as we beef up profits and maintain the current hierarchies of power. It is all too easy to override our instincts, when living in survival mode. To not walk out on an exploitive employer, or to stay in an unhealthy relationship, despite all our alarm bells going off; we need to, our food, shelter and healthcare depend on it. Time and time again, we’ve be systematically encouraged to ignore our better judgement, to overlook the red flags. Intentionally conditioned to indulge certain impulses, while not others. Why is self-pleasure and masturbation a dirty addiction, but buying things we do not need on one click prime not? Under capitalism our instincts have become a most valuable commodity. May we reclaim them, and start to trust ourselves again, beneath this Aries New Moon.  

Aries reminds us that our instincts and impulses are not inherently good nor evil, but simply a vital life force moving through us. That the toxic expressions of Mars we so deeply fear only take form when we’ve suppressed our instincts for too long. In actuality, when we center ourselves, feel, and courageously trust our instincts, we often cause less harm than when we suppress and shut them down. Mars explodes, erupting into violence and chaos, only when it’s desires have been repeatedly denied and repressed. And babes, the powers that “think they be” have been conditioning us to quell our desires since time immemorial. We’ve got our work cut out for us. Learning to trust ourselves is a lifelong process, one that requires us to show up for ourselves, to believe in ourselves every single day. Beneath this Aries New Moon, call on Cardinal Fire and initiate the journey back to you. Trust your instincts, follow your impulses, and begin to uncover passions long neglected. For it is here from this place of unshakable trust and deep self-awareness that we move away from the violent “power over” expressions of Mars and into our sacred roar. Here Mars becomes an activist warrior, defender of life and justice, healthy boundaries, and taking a stance. The Aries New Moon reminds us that some things are worth fighting for. What would you pick up your sword to defend? What swords must you lay down to do so? Commit to that, beneath this dark moon. There are infinite ways to resist, let your inner flame guide you.

When Mars originally joined the Roman pantheon, he was not the battle hungry God of War. Mars was the God of Agriculture, Farming and Fertility. A virile energy invoked to provide the ideal conditions for crops to grow. The spark of creation called upon each March to infuse what was planted with the vigor to thrive. Mars represented life. Life is always moving towards more life, always moving towards itself. Even in death and decay, we always find fuel for yet more life. Tonight, beneath the dark moon, may we reconnect to this ancient knowing. May we remember it is safe to trust the life moving through us. May we remember it is safe to trust ourselves.

As the first New Moon of the Astrological New Year, the void from which to birth is incredibly potent. It is a fantastic time to set intentions, for the next lunar cycle, season, or year ahead. As the days get longer, what will you do with the extra time? What are you cultivating? What desires long to see the light of day? Trust your instincts. Follow your first impulse. It’ll take you where you need to go.  

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